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Have you always wanted to write more, but you could never get started?

You kept putting it off, hoping you’d eventually find some free time, only to find out that months or even years went by and you saw zero progress?

See, I used to be the same way. I was so busy. By the time I would block off time to start writing, I wouldn’t get anything done.

What do I do differently today?

I’ve figured out a better and more efficient way to find the time to write. It’s allowed me to post at least one blog post every day, and self-publish over 12 books in the last two years.

And I want to teach you all of my secrets...


After reading How To Find Time To Write Great Content, you will be able to:

  • Make time in your busy schedule to achieve your writing goals that you’ve been putting off
  • Avoid writer’s block and get passed the blank page syndrome using simple tactics and techniques
  • Develop an enjoyable writing habit by building momentum
  • 10x your productivity by learning how to “get in the zone” and write faster

No fluff and no sleazy marketing. Everything’s FREE and in this ebook.

“I'm a busy person so finding the time to write is a challenge for me. As David Allen said, ‘You can do anything, but not everything’. And yet, here comes this book that shares all the best ways to be the boss of my time.

We already know what we need to do to create time to write but this book tells us HOW we are going to do that exactly. It is packed with examples and scenarios to get things done the right way.” -Kathy via Amazon

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