SEO Like I’m 5 and Content Marketing with Matthew Capala

I interviewed my friend Matthew Capala on the latest episode of my podcast. Matthew is the author of SEO Like I’m 5, blogs at and is an adjunct professor at New York University. He has deep expertise in search engine optimization and content marketing and provided some extremely actionable and valuable advice on how […]

The Truth About Startup Accelerators

In the latest episode of my podcast, Building in Public, I interview Matt Cartagena, Co-Author of Accelerate: Founder Insights Into Accelerator Programs. In the interview we talk about who should apply to an accelerators, the value accelerators provide to startups, fundraising on Kickstarter, and content marketing. Read the transcript below, or listen to the audio […]

Podcasting and Networking with Content Marketing: An Interview with Nik Parks

The below post is a summary of an interview I did with @Nik_Parks, Co-Founder of Launching Creative, on my podcast, Building in Public. In the interview we talk content marketing, podcasting, networking on social media, self-publishing, and I even ask him a few customer development questions. Highlights below. To listen to the complete interview, check out the podcast […]

Customer Development in Public: 7 Lessons Learned

Earlier this month I started The Building in Public Podcast to share my experiences starting a business. The idea was to do documentary style coverage of my startup process starting from zero. Last week I conducted about a dozen customer development interviews. I asked a few of the people I was interviewing if they would allow me […]

Announcing The Building in Public Podcast

I might fail in front of everyone. I’m excited to announce the launch of my podcast, Building in Public! In this podcast series, I’ll be starting a business from scratch…in public. I wanted to fully document starting a business from scratch (for several reasons discussed below) and I also wanted experience the pain points of podcasting […]

Minecraft’s $2.5 Billion Acquisition and A Golden Age For Bootstrapping

Minecraft was just acquired by Microsoft for $2.5 billion. And they were bootstrapped. They didn’t raise any money. They had just 37 employees as of June 2014 and were profitable with $316 million in annual revenue. The company’s founder, Markus Persson, was reported to have owned 70% of the company himself prior to the acquisition. […]

No One Cares About You.

No one cares that you have a family to feed. No one cares that you have rent to pay. No one cares about your student loan debt. If you’re on the side of the road with a flat tire, no one will stop. They might even drive through the puddle next to you intentionally. No […]

How to Avoid Building Something No One Wants By Solving Known Problems

Entrepreneurs have been solving the same problems for ages…and making billions of dollars in doing so. Some of today’s most successful startups are solving age old problems but with 10x improved solutions. There are some needs that nearly everyone has. Needs that people have been finding ways to meet since the beginning of time. These […]