Recapping the First Half of 2014 and Looking Forward

The past 6 months have been the most productive 6 months of my life. Probably not the healthiest. But most certainly the most productive. I’ve fulfilled a lifelong dream of founding a company. I’ve built multiples streams of passive income. And I’ve learned a ton. I’ve also had some time to pursue a passion project, [...]

3 Career Advice Myths and The Truth That Will Crush Your Dreams

It’s easier to be conformist and wrong than contrarian and right. Most conformist though is optimistic, so you will sound like a good happy person by conforming. As a contrarian on optimistic conformist thought you sound like a crazy pessimistic asshole. Even if you’re contrarian and right there’s often more to be lost than gained [...]

How to Get Paid to Travel

I’m going on a 2 month travel excursion in a few weeks…and profiting in the process. NYC→ France→ Austin TX My first stop is France. I’ll be there for almost all of July. My second and last stop is Austin, Texas. I’ll be there for 30 days. I actually have a few pockets of days [...]

How I Started 3 Companies in 3 Months

2014 has been pretty “cray cray.” Before I dive into the juicy details of how I started 3 companies in 3 months, that are making money, without spending more than a couple thousand bucks, and without a technical co-founder, let me clarify something: “starting a company” doesn’t actually mean anything. Anyone can declare “I’m starting [...]

Applying Lean Startup to Content Marketing

People use products and services that provide value to them. Customer development and iterative product development are used to gain customer insights to build the most valuable product possible (“product/market fit”). Content is no different. Similar strategies can used to develop content for either marketing or paid products (i.e. “content/market fit”). Products that are most [...]

Software Developers Are The New Investment Bankers

Software engineers make as much or more than investment bankers, work half the hours and are…well…less “douchey.” The labor market for software developers is way more favorable for software developers than the labor market for investment bankers is for investment bankers. There is significant demand for software developers with comparatively small supply. There is a [...]

The Ultimate List of Customer Development Questions

I’ve had a few requests for this post. I’ve compiled all of my favorite customer development questions into one place! I’m sure I’ve missed some great questions. Please let me know your favorites in the comments sections and I’ll continually update this post. Included are questions that can be asked throughout the product development lifecycle – [...]

Full Stack Startups in Education

Chris Dixon of a16z wrote a great blog post recently called “Full stack startups.” The following post is about how the full stack approach could be applied effectively to education. The basic premise of the full stack approach, in my words, is to recreate and compete instead of selling to. Chris describes the full stuck [...]