How Doing Standup Comedy Made Me A Better Entrepreneur

I did standup comedy for the first time last week. I was scared as hell. It was probably the hardest thing I’ve done in a year. I actually think I kind of blacked out during it–I don’t really remember it. I’ve always found standup comedy impressive. It’s just one person on a stage. No instrument, […]

How to Choose a Customer Segment to Serve

“The way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas. It’s to look for problems…” – Paul Graham, Y-Combinator This quote from Paul Graham illustrates the importance of looking for problems rather than looking for “startup ideas.” An idea may or may not be a solution to a problem. If you […]

The Magic of Shipping Something

Something magical happens when you ship something. When you actually build something and sell it. First, you set yourself apart from the other 99% of the population who have never shipped anything. You instantly set yourself apart from the pack and become one of the 1% of have shipped something. As a result, people rally […]

Lifehacks for Entrepreneurs to Increase Productivity: Interview with Brandon Epstein

In the latest episode of the Building in Public Podcast I interviewed Brandon Epstein. Brandon is an expert in fitness for entrepreneurs. He runs the company and has a podcast called Entrepreneur Fitness. I think fitness is critically important for entrepreneurs, yet it’s commonly overlooked. I think it’s a major contributor to overall productivity. […]

How to Get 100 Customer Development Interviews the Easy Way

In the latest episode of the Building in Public Podcast, I interview Desi Saran of Lean Startup Machine and QuickMVP. We talk about Lean Startup methodology, how to build a minimum viable product and why it’s so important, asking the right customer development questions, and his favorite hack for getting 100 customer development interviews for […]

How to Break Out of Jail

I was going to jail. It was my last supper. A festive occasion. Tables were laden with food and my unconcerned friends and family were mingling amongst themselves. The policeman were feigning kindness. I could detect the insincerity behind those plastic smirks. The tension behind their manufactured socializing indicated that they were privy to the […]

SEO Like I’m 5 and Content Marketing with Matthew Capala

I interviewed my friend Matthew Capala on the latest episode of my podcast. Matthew is the author of SEO Like I’m 5, blogs at and is an adjunct professor at New York University. He has deep expertise in search engine optimization and content marketing and provided some extremely actionable and valuable advice on how […]