The Ultimate List of Customer Development Questions

I’ve had a few requests for this post. I’ve compiled all of my favorite customer development questions into one place! I’m sure I’ve missed some great questions. Please let me know your favorites in the comments sections and I’ll continually update this post. Included are questions that can be asked throughout the product development lifecycle – [...]

Full Stack Startups in Education

Chris Dixon of a16z wrote a great blog post recently called “Full stack startups.” The following post is about how the full stack approach could be applied effectively to education. The basic premise of the full stack approach, in my words, is to recreate and compete instead of selling to. Chris describes the full stuck [...]

9 Startup Ideas I (Probably) Won’t be Pursuing

I’ve used a few “rogue” customer development tactics to determine the starting points of these. I haven’t done much (any) customer development to prove that these could actually by businesses. I’ve used secondary strategies to gain customer insights to inform a general offering – specifics and features would need to be shaped based on primary [...]

My 4 Favorite Web Products

There are two things that triggered me to write this post: 1) USV is asking applicants for their Analyst role to answer the question “Which web or mobile services most inspire you, and why?” and it got me to thinking about what my favorite services are, and 2) I’ve been slacking on my Startup of [...]

On the Viability of the Startup Studio Model

What is a startup studio? The studio approach to company building, otherwise known as parallel entrepreneurship, portfolio entrepreneurship, or a lab, is becoming more and more prevalent. The most recently announced big one is Expa, started by Uber and Stumbleupon Founder, and funded by some impressive names like Richard Branson, Meg Whitman (CEO of Intel), [...]

The Art and Science of The Minimum Viable Product

Developing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is a component of Lean Startup methodology. It can be incredibly valuable to entrepreneurs. Below I provide my definition of what an MVP actually is, why its so valuable, examples of MVPs used by successful companies, and how to design an effective MVP. What An MVP is the most [...]

Software is Eating Software Development

A commonly held belief, especially within tech circles, is that “technology is eating the world,” as Marc Andreessen put it. Developers are in incredibly high and seemingly increasing demand, while supply is not keeping pace, resulting in developers earning incredibly high salaries. Recent college graduates with little or no experience can be making well over [...]

Why Corporate Innovation Teams Should Launch Universities

The price of higher education has increased at rates far greater than both average inflation and the wages at which graduates earn. Despite the spending increase by students, many have a hard time finding work after graduating. In addition, studies have shown employers find graduates underskilled for many jobs. The problems in higher educations have [...]

How to Get Paid to Learn

The price of higher education is skyrocketing while the value of a degree is plummeting. Educational content is becoming abundantly available at little or no costs, but people still go to college because alternative forms of education are still not being seen as viable in the eyes of employers. And employment, after all, is why [...]

Content Marketing Strategies for VCs

Content marketing is becoming more and more prevalent in many industries, venture capital included. Good content marketing can be quite valuable for VCs, especially with the industry getting increasingly competitive. More and more VCs are deploying some kind of content strategy. Some firms do it extremely well while others seem to be doing it without [...]