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The Content Marketer’s Guide to Blogging on Medium

Content distribution is hard. Getting in front of your target audience is getting more and more competitive. The new challenge is to reach customers by providing stand out quality content amidst all the noise. For those of us trying to get our quality content seen, we search for new avenues. This ... [Read More]

The ROI of Content Marketing vs Sponsored Content

Kelsey Libert recently wrote an awesome article in Harvard Business Review about a very important topic: Comparing the ROI of Content Marketing and Native Advertising. “Native advertising” primarily refers to sponsored content, which seems to be the latest business model innovation for media ... [Read More]

Content Marketing as the New Business Model for Education

Content marketing will replace schools as the source for education. Schools and online education companies will become content marketing for products and services. Selling products and services will become the new business model of education. This is more efficient and sustainable than donations, ... [Read More]